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xagal = corner (curve of the elbow or knee) xawaare = speed (horse race) gole = parliament (a community's meeting place) abwaan = encyclopedia (an erudite and wise person) unug = cell (the beginning of a fiber container during its fabrication) qalinjebin = to graduate (to break the pen at the end of learning the Koran) dhig = meridian (branches that form the framework of a nomad's dome-shaped hut) raadraac = bibliography (to follow the trail of an animal or wanted person) hakad = comma (pause or rest for a short time) layli = exercise (a young animal that is being tamed) bil = brackets (half moon) bed = area, surface (the space that a house occupies) New Somali compound terms have been created, made up of two or more existing words, to form different meanings.
In 1.27 note that the signs for HAS and ANSE are nearly identical to UNUG and KIS in the Old Babylonian script (I owe this observation to Niek Veldhuis).
2[prime], 16[prime]), it appears as GAL SAG sa UNUG (cf.