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UUPUlster Unionist Party
UUPUnited University Professions (Albany, NY)
UUPUnunpentium (ekabismuth, element 115)
UUPUse of University Property
UUPUniform Uncertainty Principle
UUPUniversal User Profile (world wide web)
UUPUMC1000 Upgrade Program (AFC)
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Moody helped make two new elements, for now called ununtrium and ununpentium.
Physicists in Russia created two new superheavy elements, tentatively called Ununtrium and Ununpentium. Astronomers discovered that a black hole has been continuously emitting an extremely low B-flat note for about 2.5 billion years; they said it was the lowest note ever detected.
By international convention, element 113 is getting a temporary name, Ununtrium (Uut on the periodic table),while 115 is being designated Ununpentium (Uup).