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"With the unusual mortality event of these gray whales, we know more whales will be coming in, or there is a high likelihood that more whales will die within Puget Sound and out on the coast," said Port Townsend Marine Science Center Citizen Science Coordinator Betsy Carlson.
It also triggered an unusual mortality event declaration.
Given that a large percentage of the CIBW population may aggregate in a single behavioral group at one time, another way to model an unusual mortality event would be to have it affect a single social group.
Wilkin, "An unusual mortality event of harbor porpoises (Phocoena phocoena) off central California: increase in blunt trauma rather than an epizootic," Aquatic Mammals, vol.
In addition, we included partial P gene sequences obtained from tissues and nasal swabs of northern seas otters (Enhydra lutris) from an unusual mortality event in south-central Alaska in 2006, as well as samples from a harp seal found in the Gulf of St.
An unusual mortality event was observed in Long Island Sound (LIS) lobsters (Homarus americanus H.
By examining the stranding data on a finer scale, we would be better prepared to evaluate any future unusual mortality event.
Because of the high number of mortalities last year, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)-the federal agency responsible for managing marine mammals like whales--declared an Unusual Mortality Event (UME) in August 2017.
In 2006, the US Working Group on Marine Mammal Unusual Mortality Events declared an unusual mortality event for northern sea otters; large numbers of deaths were documented in southcentral Alaska adjacent to the threatened southwest stock (V.
This past year featured many "unusual mortality events," according to NOAA.
To press on with the dual investigations, NOAA has declared two separate "unusual mortality events," or UMEs, defined as "a stranding that is unexpected; involves a significant die-off of any marine mammal population; and demands immediate response."