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We believe using the unweighted mean for comparison is appropriate here because it is not possible to construct weights for the Experimental Sample that would equate this group with the NRP-stratified sample weights.
The unweighted mean centres (Figure 7a) of new entrants into motorcycle production shifts towards the Midlands and follow reasonably well the pattern that Wezel and Witteloostuijn (25) note in their research on scale and scope economies in the British motorcycle industry.
The differences in unweighted mean ADL scores between 2005 and 2006 and between 2006 and 2007 ranged from -0.
But the fact remains that skilled emigration from the region was very high, with the unweighted mean suggesting than more than half of Caribbean people who received tertiary education in the region now live in the developed world.
Average pay levels in non-right-to-work states are over 20 percent higher (using unweighted means of state data) than in their right-to-work counterparts.
Some recent authors advocate retaining the assumption of homogeneity by using unweighted means (Bernardo, 1992; Huhn, 1997), while others recommend using weighted approaches to account for heterogeneity of variances (Frensham et al.
In the case of unweighted means, the control boards belonged to all groups and in the case of weighted means the control boards belonged to two of the three groups.
Suits (1983) suggested a shifting process, Shifting Process I, which expresses the category regression coefficients as deviations from an "average," where the "average" is the unweighted mean of the dependent variable across all categories for a categorical variable.
Again, these are unweighted mean ratings of respondents based on three survey questions (quality, impact, and value) for each of the three activities: research, teaching, and outreach.
The simplest and most conventional score was the unweighted mean score of the eight components.