UNXUniversal Network Exchange
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Muestra participante Plataforma N n (%) AblertaUGR 3 3(100) Coursera 17 15(88) MiriadaX 56 55(98) Tutellus * mas de 4000 * 9 * UCAM 3 3 (100) Udemy * 137 * 4 * UNED-C0MA 2 2(100) UNIMOOC 10 9(90) UnX 12 10(83) UPVX 16 7(43) * Cursos descartados en la muestra cualitativa Tabla 2.
Este es un momento bastante emotivo en el que algunxs activistas se acercan unx por unx a dar reconocimiento publico a quienes murieron en tan horribles circunstancias.
Attributable risk was defined as the incidence proportion in the exposed group minus the incidence proportion in the UNX group, which was adjusted for differences in the distribution of covariates between groups.
BR), a Brazil-based start-up oil company, is to acquire 100 percent of Canada-based UNX Energy Corp (UNX.
They will also be able to add functionality, update their offerings and integrate applications without having to involve UNX staff and incur extra costs.
Web-based brokerage company UNX Inc and strategy consulting firm Bain & Company have signed an agreement whereby Bain & Company's bainlab business accelerator will offer consulting resources to UNX to facilitate the brokerage's strategic growth.
UNX encrypts the passwords, but does not take very good care of the file containing the encrypted form.
Dashboards can access data via UNX universe or Query as a Web Service (QaaWS).
Por el contrario, se han encontrado 14 disposiciones de caracter privado, que suponen testimonios casi unicos en la mayor parte de los nucleos de procedencia, excluyendo Olontigi,en donde se aprecia una repentina vitalidad en su territorium consecuencia de dos consagraciones dobles procedentes de Ujue (NA) y San Martin de Unx (NA).
UNX Energy Corp, an emerging oil and gas company focused on exploration for crude oil in offshore Namibia, announced this week that it has completed prospective resources evaluation reports for a Petroleum Exploration Licence for blocks 2815, 2816, 2915 and 2813 located in the Orange Basin.
Trading technology providers MIXIT and UNX have both partnered with investment banks to offer clients a wider range of algorithmic trading strategies.
UNX Energy Corporation, an independent exploration and development company focused on exploration for oil in offshore Namibia, Africa, has named Brad Holub as its Chief Operating Officer.