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UNYUniversitas Negeri Yogyakarta (Indonesian: State University of Yogyakarta; Indonesia)
UNYUpstate New York
UNYUnion Nationale de Yoga (French: National Union of Yoga)
UNYUnited Nations of Yoga (Sweden)
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It was assumed that a a PSW/PSG leader would complete several of the two-year tenures, just as Trias Setiwati served as a PSW/PSG UII director for eight years, Nahiyah at PSW UNY for over five years, Ane at PSW UMY for five years, Susilanigsih at PSW UIN for more than six years.
Unlike UGM, though UNY is not a religious institution, one of its goals is to implement education with religious values (UNY, 2009, 1).
PSW UNY, formerly Kelompok Studi Wanita (KSW/Study Group on Women), was initiated and established by Sulasikin Murpratomo from the State Ministry for the Roles of Women, when she visited the University in 1990.
Following the initial tour, Ms Kurumi Koike of Uny was appointed Head of the "Iron Beauty" initiative.
Headteacher Terry Lister said: 'Both boys have attended St Uny since reception and have been very much a part of school life.
The ratings benefit from group support, given close ties between Uny and its credit card business.
The joint-venture, tentatively named Uny (Cayman) Holding Co.
Uny (Cayman) will set up 10 outlets in China's major cities in the next decade, with sales forecast to total 100 billion Japanese yen, or about NT$37.
Uny tap the massive China market, with the Japanese partner to provide its well established experience in distribution channels in Japan in exchange.