UoNAUniversity of North America (Vienna, VA)
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Waived WR Kemonte' Bateman, CB Mario Butler, OT Manase Foketi, QB Ryan Katz, LB Uona Kaveinga, CB Nigel Malone, TE Deangelo Peterson, DE Lanston Tanyi and C Quentin Saulsberry
'tongues (NPl)' * o > uo: uomen 'tomorrow', uona 'lamb (GSg)', duova 'they drink' * o > uo: suova 'they eat', uoze 'at night' * e > ee: veeras 'stranger'; meedet 'measured (PastPple)' * e > ie: ieza 'father', nieli 'four'; viet 'water (PSg)' * o > uo: uoza 'part'; kuot' 'sack' The breaking of long mid vowels * e, * o, * o' has regularly occurred in long syllables of Q2 and locally in a set of stems of Q3 with a long vowel resulting from vowel contraction after the loss of an intervocalic consonant, e.g.