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Contract award: technical project for water system construction neighbors in the village, a technical project for water system construction in the old village of straw "technical project" water supply system construction utenele village "and the technical - working draft" kra uona river embankments and approaches in the management of public spaces - phase ii "of the common forensic services.
Waived WR Kemonte' Bateman, CB Mario Butler, OT Manase Foketi, QB Ryan Katz, LB Uona Kaveinga, CB Nigel Malone, TE Deangelo Peterson, DE Lanston Tanyi and C Quentin Saulsberry
'tongues (NPl)' * o > uo: uomen 'tomorrow', uona 'lamb (GSg)', duova 'they drink' * o > uo: suova 'they eat', uoze 'at night' * e > ee: veeras 'stranger'; meedet 'measured (PastPple)' * e > ie: ieza 'father', nieli 'four'; viet 'water (PSg)' * o > uo: uoza 'part'; kuot' 'sack' The breaking of long mid vowels * e, * o, * o' has regularly occurred in long syllables of Q2 and locally in a set of stems of Q3 with a long vowel resulting from vowel contraction after the loss of an intervocalic consonant, e.g.