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UTAUtah Transit Authority
UTAUniversity of Texas at Arlington
UTAUniversity of Tampere (Finland)
UTAUnable to Apply
UTAUnion Tranviarios Automotor (Spanish: Tram Drivers Union; Argentina)
UTAUniversity of Texas at Austin (also seen as UTXA)
UTAUlster Transport Authority (1948-1966; Northern Ireland, UK)
UTAUndergraduate Teaching Assistant (various schools)
UTAUmax Transparency Adapter
UTAUnit Training Assembly
UTAUnited Talmudical Academy
UTAUsed Truck Association
UTAUnité de Travail Annuel (French: Annual Work Unit; labor measurement)
UTAUp the Arse
UTAUnresolved Transition Array
UTAUnable to Assess
UTAUtility Transfer Assembly
UTAUtica Transit Authority
UTAUrea Transporter A (antibodies)
UTAUmbilical Termination Assembly (oil industry)
UTAUnit Type-Code Availability (US Air Force)
UTAUnmanned Tactical Aircraft
UTAUSIGS Technical Architecture
UTAUnreal Tournament Army
UTAUser Technology Associates, Inc.
UTAUniversité Tous Ages de Lyon (French: All Ages University of Lyon)
UTAUtah Theatre Association
UTAUnion de Transport Aeriens (airline)
UTAUnder Trust Agreement
UTAUnit Tax Advisor
UTAUnreal Tournament Assault (gaming league)
UTAUrban Traffic Assistant (vehicle intelligence)
UTAUnited Television Artists
UTAUtilitiesman, Air Conditioning
UTAUnemployment Tax Advisory Corporation
UTAUnion Tank Aschaffenburg (German)
UTAUzina Textila Arad (Romanian soccer team)
UTAUtah Transfer Authority