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Tenders are invited for: Ka/q-band upconverter (priority 2) (artes 5.
The Model 2891-IQ Upconverter processes analog I and Q baseband signals for testing a transceiver's transmitter and analog I and Q output signals for testing a transceiver's receiver.
The 20 GHz high performance vector upconverter module offers greater than 1 GHz modulation bandwidth, based on the PSG vector signal generator and the 20/40 GHz analog upconverter module, based on the PSG analog signal generator.
The Cuda 1000 offers the performance of the larger Cuda 12000 IP Access Switch in a compact model that integrates an edge router and upconverter into a single chassis.
The R&S SGU100A is available as a pure CW upconverter or as an upconverter for I/Q-modulated signals.
In particular, the company's microwave and millimeter-wave mixer ICs have been used to implement image reject mixer (IRM) and single sideband (SSB) upconverter circuits.
has introduced its Model 6228 four-channel digital/analog, digital upconverter and FPGA module that features two Texas Instruments DAC5686 interpolating D/A converters with integrated upconverters plus an onboard Xilinx Virtex-II XC2V1000 or 3000 FPGA for custom programming.
The family includes a variable-gain driver amplifier, a 1 Watt GaAs monolithic microwave integrated circuit (MMIC) power amplifier, a subharmonic upconverter and a highly-integrated block downconverter.
15 micron gate length GaAs pseudomorphic high electron mobility transistor device model technology, this upconverter covers the 21.
has released a 4-channel digital/analog (D/A), digital upconverter and FPGA module designed for wireless communications, radar and signal intelligence.
The transmitter section includes the upconverter mixer, image and LO filtering, and saturated power amplification to 100200 mW The receiver chain includes the LNA, downconverter mixer with image filtering, and 1st IF amplification.