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Priority 2 The objective is to design build and test an EM of a Ka-/Q-band frequency upconverter for future telecom payloads.
Having provided leading QAM and upconverter modules since the pioneering days of digital video, video on demand, and data over cable, Vecima is an established supplier within the cable space.
The R&S SGU100A RF upconverter from Rohde & Schwarz extends the frequency range of the R&S SGS100A vector signal generator from 12.
123 DVB-C, DVB-S, DVB-T * DTA-110 modulator cards, * DTA-160 DVB-IP Gateway, low-profile PCI Express cards for ASI/SDI interfacing Let It Wave Upconverter for * Let It Wave Video 8.
The TGC4407-SM subharmonic upconverter has an integrated local oscillator buffer amplifier that has an input frequency range of 21.
A new HDTV upconverter implemented on Altera FPGAs, brings an innovative video space-time analysis for standard definition (SD) to HD upconversion.
The very small, high packaging density amplifier with block upconverter is ideal for antenna mounting for small, lightweight terminals.
This RF upconverter distributes the low oscillator (LO) signals for both the first and second LO functions to several up converter sections simultaneously.
This also means that base station radio engineers need to become familiar with only one device for both downconverter and upconverter functions.
At an awards ceremony held in New York City on October 16, Leitch was honored by the Academy for "Pioneering Development of a Digital Upconverter From 525 to HDTV for DTV Broadcasting.
We are very impressed with Broadband Innovations' upconverter technology," said Carl McGrath, vice president and general manager of Motorola's DigiCable(R) business unit.
The new low-cost, highly integrated upconverter and downconverter integrated circuits ("IC's") from M/A-COM are designed to meet the stringent linearity and low current requirements of CDMA and TDMA handsets.