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UPHUniversity Physicians Healthcare (Tucson, AZ)
UPHUniversitas Pelita Harapan (Indonesia university)
UPHUnaccompanied Personnel Housing
UPHUnits Per Hour
UPHUniversity Physicians Hospital (Tucson, AZ)
UPHUser Profile Hive (Microsoft Windows)
UPHUnperfekthaus (Essen, Germany)
UPHUrban Public Health
UPHUnits Per Hectare
UPHUridine Phosphorylase
UPHUpper Penthouse (residence classification)
UPHUniversal Preservation Hall (ga Springs, NY)
UPHUniversity of Port Harcourt (Nigeria)
UPHUniversal Print Head
UPHUnidades de População Homogênea (Portugese)
UPHUltra-Pure Hydrogen
UPHUniversity Pediatric Hospital
UPHUltimate Pinoy Hunks
UPHUnary Prefixed Huffman (coding scheme)
UPHUrban Population Health
UPHUltimate Pheasant Hunting (web forum)
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It is Fitch's opinion that the incremental risk associated with bank bonds does not have a material effect on UPH's long-term credit rating.
Benjamin Cleveland, a data scientist at UPH, says, "Though readmissions often are influenced by factors largely outside of a healthcare system's control, most systems conclude that discharge education, care coordination, and post-discharge intervention strategies offer the best chance at reducing their readmission rate."
La UPH humaniza la experiencia de la hospitalizacion, ya que los docentes tratan de ayudar al alumnado a retomar la normalidad escolar, a pesar de su situacion personal y el lugar en el que se encuentran (Grau y Ortiz, 2001).
Students have different accommodation options to choose from; for example, they can choose to live at home with their parents, access the private rental market through shared housing, or live in university provided housing (UPH) on campus (Rowley and Constable 2014).
Para abordar la funcion de programacion desde el enfoque de los sistemas holonicos de manufactura se eligio la Unidad de Produccion Holonica (UPH) como arquitectura de referencia, la cual define las directrices para el funcionamiento del sistema.
In particular, it is shown in Lemma 5(iv) that Uph attains its global supremum in P at (l, [p.sup.crit.sub.PH]) for a unique critical premium level [p.sup.crit.sub.PH] [member of] [-[c.sub.0], [infinity]).
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We also developed a UPH Medical Science (UPHMS) program to synergise healthcare with education and research."
A piezoelectric pump can operate at a high actuation frequency of 500Hz, providing a UPH advantage of 186% compared to a low frequency of 50Hz.
While the facility has been live for roughly 10 months, it is processing more units per hour at higher units per hour (UPH) shipped and with improved customer service levels than had been originally planned, says Chisholm.
A coleta de dados ocorreu em nove farmacias privadas e em nove locais do setor publico de Sorocaba, sendo estes: seis Unidades Basicas de Saude (UBS), duas Unidades Pre-Hospitalares (UPH) e uma Clinica de Especialidades Medicas (Policlinica) por estarem inseridas em bairros populosos e por atenderem publicos com diferentes enfermidades e faixas de renda.
90% 85.8% 15% 14 On Time Shipping 99% 93.5% 15% 14 Perspective Weight 45% 43 Financial Perspective Element Goal Result Weight Score Pick UPH 64.0 62.2 10% 9 Pack UPH 48.4 44.1 10% 9 Weekly Sales $55,000 51527.4 15% 14 Perspective Weight 35% 32 People and Learning Perspective Element Goal Result Weight Score On-the-Job Training 4.0 4 10% 10 Cycle Counts 12.0 11 10% 9 Perspective Weight 20% 19 Balance Score Card Results: 94 Source: UPS