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UHBUniversity Health Board (UK)
UHBUltra High Bandwidth
UHBUniversity Hospital Birmingham (UK)
UHBUpheaval Buckling (pipelines)
UHBUniversité de Haute Bretagne (French: University of Haute Bretagne; France)
UHBUrban Haute Bourgeoisie
UHBUser Home Base
UHBUniversity Hearing Board (various universities)
UHBUltrahigh Brightness
UHBUDA (Urban Development Authority) Holdings Berhad (Malaysia; property development and management)
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Technip's operating centre in Aberdeen will design, fabricate and install a pipe-in-pipe production flow line that will be trenched and backfilled; create a sub sea structure; spool piece tie-ins; reposition a flexible riser; and rock dump for upheaval buckling, pursuant to the contract.
Although the line is trenched and buried (to insulate against wax formation), the high temperature poses the problem of upheaval buckling propensity due to the resulting high axial stresses in the pipe wall.
The work also includes a subsea structure, spoolpiece tie-ins, repositioning of a flexible riser and rockdumping for upheaval buckling.