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I determined that the total face value of all charges in New York in 2012 was $72,069,265,988, with $11,840,661,640 of that total being cases where the actual charges were greater than the upper confidence limit. These cases exceeded those limits by the aggregate amount of $2,682,414,001 and included 61,039 cases, approximately 2.6% of the total.
The mean difference in temperature increased slightly (0.1[degrees]C) in the plantation (95 % CI: Lower Confidence Limit = -1.4[degrees]C; Upper Confidence Limit = 1.1[degrees]C) and decreased slightly (-1.0[degrees]C) in the forest (95 % CI: Lower Confidence Limit = -2.0[degrees]C; Upper Confidence Limit = 0.4[degrees]C).
Half of Phase 1 and 2 combined, and 40 percent of Phase 2 patients' forced vital capacity percent predicted fell above the upper confidence limit, compared to the ProAct database.
Module InsertionSort Sub InsertionSort(ByRef a() As Integer) Dim i As Integer For i = 0 To a.Length - 1 insert a(i) into sorted suhlist Next End Sub test main End Module Two new time series are created, one of the Upper Confidence Limit (UCL) and the other of the Lower Confidence Limit (LCL) of the [(1-[alpha]).sup.*]100% (C.I) of the predicted prices.
The precision of the estimate was highest at Penon Solitario, as reflected by the lower 95% upper confidence limit, than at the other sites, perhaps due to a higher detection probability and greater number of counts than at the other sites, and lowest at La Aguita, where the fewest counts were carried out.
The major event rate in these 172 patients was 8.7%; with the upper confidence limit added the even rate was no higher than 13.1%.
Only upper confidence limits for predicted values were plotted to detect outlying values since it was undesirable to have a significantly greater ton of chips per board foot of lumber.
To obtain an upper confidence limit for the forecasts of the aggregate values we can use two approaches: the first one takes advantage of the Central Limit Theorem and consists on approximating the distribution of the reserve by means of a normal distribution with expected value given by the initial forecast (with the original data) and standard deviation given by the "standard error of prediction." The main difference between the bootstrap estimation of these standard errors and the theoretical approximation stated in the "Generalized Linear Models and Claim-Reserving Methods" section is that we estimate the variance of the estimator by means of a bootstrap estimate instead of using the (approximate) theoretical expression.
Moreover, because an upper confidence limit of 95% (or 99%) of the estimate of the random match probability is used, the probability of not observing a particular profile in a population of N unrelated individuals typically will be underestimated.
The normal approximation to the binomial is not appropriate for calculating an upper confidence limit for p when the point estimate of p is zero, but an upper confidence limit can be obtained using either the binomial, the F, or the Poisson distributions.
[Environ Health Perspect 118:1286-1291 (2010)], the upper confidence limit for total motile sperm given as 0.70 should have been 0.07.
A commonly employed rule is the comparison of the calculated upper confidence limit of misstatement with the specified maximum tolerable amount.