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UCLUniversity College London
UCLUniversité Catholique de Louvain
UCLUEFA Champions League
UCLUniversity of Central Lancashire
UCLUlnar Collateral Ligament
UCLUnfair Competition Law
UCLUpper Control Limit
UCLUndersteer Control Logic
UCLUcl Compression Library
UCLUnited Counties League (soccer)
UCLUpper Confidence Limit
UCLUnion Communiste Libertaire (French: Libertarian Communist Union)
UCLUnion Centrista Liberal (Italian: Centrist Liberal Union)
UCLUnited Clinical Laboratories (medical laboratory; Dubuque, IA)
UCLUniversity Computer Lab (various locations)
UCLUpper Confidence Level
UCLUncomfortable Loudness Level
UCLUniversal Cyber League (online gaming group)
UCLUnoccupied Crown Land (various locations)
UCLUniversal Communications Language
UCLUnit Configured Load
UCLUser Control List
UCLUnit Candidate List
UCLUrbancanopy Layer (meteorology)
UCLUnivac Canada, Ltd.
UCLUmal Consolidated Limited
UCLUnión de Corresponsalía Local (Galician: Local Union Correspondent)
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We have seen signifi-cantly high levels within the current process for the last four months and July breached the upper control limit with almost 1,100 offences recorded against an average of 890.
Additionally, the standard deviation of the transformed data was on the same order as the mean of the transformed data, resulting in a very wide upper control limit when the charts were replotted back in the original moisture content units.
Only 10 percent are seen beyond the upper control limit.
For example, the lab manager noticed the control chart for ML had peaked above the upper control limit.
For example, suppose that the first point and every sixth point thereafter (as in Figure 4) falls above the upper control limit on the control chart of a particular preparer.
The p, x and R center lines are past averages of the process and the upper control limit (UCL) and lower control limit (LCL) are simply three standard deviations from the center line (Figure 4).
Hence, the control limits which are the upper control limit (UCL) and the lower control limit (LCL) are calculated for the I-MR charts.
The probability upper control limit is compared with the 3-sigma upper control limit of 50.
At Point 3 on the chart, the deviation of the dimension was out of the established parameter (above the upper control limit (UCL) for the dimension).
Then, to keep [Alpha] unchanged, we try to relax the upper control limit at the same time.
X] for upper control limit and lower control limit for X and [UCL.
They are added to make both the probabilities below the lower control limit -3 and above the upper control limit 3 closer to (0.
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