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UCSTUpper Critical Solution Temperature (physical chemistry)
UCSTUnited Church Schools Trust (UK)
UCSTUkrainian Center for Simultaneous Translation
UCSTUmbilical Cord Separation Time
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Upper critical solution temperature (UCST) phenomenon is observed for partially miscible blend whereas, upper order- disorder transition (UODT) is observed in corresponding block copolymer which is caused by unfavorable energies [3].
(5) studied the phase behavior of a polystyrene/polyisoprene blend with an upper critical solution temperature (UCST) in the presence of scC[O.sub.2].
Thermodynamics and Phase Equilibria * Introduction to free energy of mixing * Why entropy effects are small in polymers * Chemistry factors controlling miscibility * Blending principles and adhesion between polymers * Phase diagrams: lower critical solution temperature, upper critical solution temperature, generalized phase diagrams * Flory-Huggins equation * Copolymers and Blending * Copolymer representations--temperature composition plots, miscibility maps
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