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Dan MacDonald, pioneer saloonman and gambler on the upper Yukon, owner and proprietor of the Tivoli and all its games, wandered forlornly across the great vacant space of floor and joined the two at the stove.
Barge business Ruby Marine, the only major barge company on the Upper Yukon, serves Fort Yukon with three barge deliveries each summer in June, July, and August.
Should the Upper Yukon turn uninhabitable, the frontier, for the first time in American history, will push back, reclaiming for a wounded wilderness what previously had belonged to man.
For that reason, I attempt to discuss the broader indigenous narrative traditions within which prophecy stories fit on the upper Yukon River.
This study examined the water temperature regimes at four monitored locations within the upper Yukon and central-lower Mackenzie regions.
At least 19 fish species occur in the upper Yukon River (defined as upstream of the western Yukon-Alaska border; Fig.
The upper Yukon fall chum salmon study is based on a high-tech loop that begins with a small, $200 radio transmitter placed in the salmon's stomach-the stomach being a perfect place for the transmitter because the spawning salmon has stopped feeding.
Downstream Migrations of Juvenile Salmon and Other Fishes in the Upper Yukon River.
The title essay in McPhee's book concerned this upper Yukon River country and its inhabitants between Eagle and Circle City.
Senate that would appropriate $250 000 for relief for the "starving" miners of the Upper Yukon Valley and authorize the Secretary of War to administer the funds and to select the means of delivering the necessary relief.
An ancient volcanic eruption in the upper Yukon basin.
A post was established there in the winter of 1842-43, and in 1848 Campbell and James Stewart founded the post of Fort Selkirk at the confluence of the Pelly and the Lewes (as the upper Yukon River was then known).