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ULJUniversity of Ljubljana (Ljubljana, Slovenia)
ULJUpper-Level Jet
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Siting of the cross-section axes was attempted to capture the coupled region between the two upper-level jet streaks.
Postmortem analysis of this event reveals that the likely culprit of this event was the interaction of two upper-level jet streaks as they propagated over the area during a roughly 12-h period, along with localized convective instability that, while modest, was sufficient to yield charge separation.
Niziol, "Cold-season coupled upper-level jet streaks in the Northeastern U.
A cross-section through the heavy rainfall event region 12 hours prior to the event (Figure 10(a)) shows an established direct thermal circulation, created by the entrance region of the upper-level jet streak.
Even so, the low-level flow also drives the warmer air above the shallow stable boundary layer (Figure 10(c)) upslope until it becomes incorporated into the direct thermal circulation created by the entrance region of the upper-level jet streak.
This placed the EAX CWA along the axis of the strongest flow, but the location in southern Iowa that experienced the rainfall would have fallen under the left exit region of the upper-level jet streak in question.