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PowerPanel Business 4.1 makes it even easier to monitor and manage equipment with an intuitive, color-coded user interface, and visual indicators to provide at-a- glance UPS monitoring. The software supports multiple operating systems, including Windows[R], VMware[R], and Linux.
The UPS also enables managed service providers (MSPs) to expand their offering to deliver remote UPS monitoring for SMB clients, it said.
A built-in USB port supports external USB drives, print server, and UPS monitoring function, and a built-in DLNA certified UPnP AV server to output streaming music, photos and videos to UPnP AV compatible media players.
The internal USHA SNMP/HTTP agent board supports TCP/IP-based remote UPS monitoring and management over any Ethernet LAN, enterprise network or the Internet.
Falcon Electric's internal USHA SNMP/HTTP agent facilitates remote UPS monitoring and management over any Ethernet LAN, Enterprise Network, or the Internet.
The product is marketed for use in applications such as water monitoring, UPS monitoring in a fabrication facility, and boiler leakage detection.
An upgrade to Observer Suite allowed the city to manage its SNMP devices, such as switch port utilization and UPS monitoring. Web reporting, another feature, allows reports to be generated on a request-by-request basis from any browser.
Worldwide Computer Products News-9 July 2002-Advance Galatrek ships new UPS monitoring software (C)1995-2002 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD
Remote UPS monitoring through Internet or direct-dial access is also available.
The Enterprise Series also incorporates a plug-in slot for an optional USB card, an AS/ 400 controller card, or an SNMP management card that allows UPS monitoring and management from virtually anywhere in the world via Web browser or Telnet connection.