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UDWUniversity of Durban-Westville (South Africa)
UDWUnited Domestic Workers (est. 1979; San Diego, CA)
UDWUltra Deep Water (drilling)
UDWUpside Down World (online political magazine; Latin America; est. 2003)
UDWUser Data Word
UDWUnited Death Warriors (gaming clan)
UDWUnited Destroyers of War (gaming clan)
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The company adds that the game will utilise "location-based mechanics and Google Maps integration." The game will allow players to explore the Upside Down world hidden around them and work together with other players to "fight back its emerging evils".
The show aims to transport audiences to a playful, joyous, upside down world where people can fly and anything is possible.
Both of Frank Thorney's marriages reflect the upside down world of failed patriarchs, first his master and then his father, men who had responsibility for him; Sir Arthur's sexual abuse of Winifred is also a failure in his conduct as patriarch and head of household.
Between 10pm and 4am, the venue will be decorated just like the Upside Down world from the show, with special themed cocktails.
Such an upside down world," Kazempour told Reuters.
As the main faces have ventured into the Upside Down World, Hopper became ill shortly after being trapped in the tunnels, while Dustin had some of that weird floating stuff sprayed in his face.
It's an upside down world. What was formerly the moral majority (those who value faith, liberty, and self-determination) is now in the minority and fighting for their rights.
So a more appropriate NATPE Miami theme might have been "An Industry in an Upside Down World."
Among the references that fans will appreciate are images related to the five Stranger Things kids including Eleven, with famous lines like 'Friends Don't Lie' along with a visual homage to the Upside Down world and to Hawkins Land with that irresistible retro, 80's feel.
Martin, who began writing 15 years ago, shares some of her stories about life in Hollywood and the lessons she's learned in a blog titled WheatFieldsToWonderland: A Canadian Girl's Tips to Remaining Sane in the Upside Down World of Hollywood.
Each discussing politics, social practice, and culture in varying proportion, the chapters cover unruly women; failed patriarchs; performing inversion: theater, politics, and society; performing inversion in civic pageantry and charivari; and witches, magicians, and the upside down world. ([umlaut] Ringgold, Inc., Portland, OR)
"In our crazy upside down world, it is great to make a show that is just so positive."