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UNUnited Nations
UNUser Name
UNUniversity of Nebraska (Lincoln, NE)
UNUnidad Nacional (National Unity, Peru)
UNUnreachable (customer care)
UNUlnar Nerve (anatomy)
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UNUncola (7Up)
UNUranyl Nitrate
UNUranium Nitride
UNUn-Reachable Node
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In this fuel, uranium dioxide or uranium nitride is embedded within tristructural-isotropic (TRISO) particles, which use several layers, including a silicon carbide layer, to contain fission products [10].
(ii) Uranium nitride fuel (enriched to 99.5% [sup.15]N)
For uranium nitride, if natural nitrogen were used, a significant enrichment of the uranium would be required.
In the uranium nitride cases, the exit burnup for natural uranium exceeds that of natural U[O.sub.2], so the exit burnup values calculated for each case are listed.
Uranium nitride has the potential downside of natural nitrogen being a strong neutron absorber, requiring significant uranium enrichment to compensate and reducing the uranium economy of the fuel cycle.