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UGBUniversite Gaston Berger (French: Gaston Berger University; Saint-Louis, Senegal)
UGBUrban Growth Boundary
UGBUnternehmensgesetzbuch (Austrian Commercial Code)
UGBUnion Gabonaise de Banque (French: Gabonese Union Bank; France)
UGBUnity-Gain Bandwidth (frequencies)
UGBUnité de Gros Bétail (French: Livestock Unit; France)
UGBUnderground Building
UGBUnguided Bomb (gaming)
UGBUniversidad Gerardo Barrios (Spanish: Gerardo Barrios University)
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The study found that the city could provide sufficient land for housing development without expanding the urban growth boundary.
Labour would like the panel to have gone further and replace the urban growth boundary with a smarter way of managing the citys expansion that includes:
Much of Portland's success has been attributed to the urban growth boundary (UGB).
The cause of growth management won another major victory the next year when environmentalists teamed up with maverick Republican Governor Tom McCall to enact an ambitious statewide program of land-use planning that required all cities, including Portland, to establish an Urban Growth Boundary.
The urban growth boundary (UBG) kept development within a 234,000-acre urban area.
SPRINGFIELD - An Oregon panel is expected to decide this month if the city's long-planned urban growth boundary expansion can move forward.
Tenders are invited for Provide concept planning of approx 600 acres in the city~s urban reservoirs and prepare a citywide housing needs analysis, includes land uses, utilities will need to be coordinated through the city s engineering firm, natural resources, parks, schools, essential public services (emergency services), transportation, a phasing plan intended to inform the city of the most orderly and efficient, expansion of the citys urban growth boundary.
ACF is urging the NSW Government to conduct genuine community consultation with Sydney residents about the future of their city; take a comprehensive approach to the environmental sustainability of Sydney rather than putting the environment in a separate silo; protect urban biodiversity such as that found along creek corridors; and enforce an urban growth boundary to limit unsustainable urban sprawl and provide certainty to industry about where they can and cannot develop.
Nonetheless, gentrification has claimed much of the inner city, and strip malls and cookie-cutter subdivisions dominate much of the landscape inside the urban growth boundary.
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