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UZAUrbaniZed Area (Federal Highway Administration)
UZAUniversitair Ziekenhuis Antwerpen (Antwerp, Belgium)
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With the use of the comparative method, Table 1 recognizes and defines the most representative elements of the waterfront development and physiognomy covering the urbanized area of the right bank of the Vistula represented by Bulwar Filadelfijski and the non-urbanized left bank of the Vistula--Kepa Bazarowa.
Nonmetropolitan areas do not include a large urbanized area and are generally more rural, the investigators noted.
As for other urbanized area grants, the new law retains the existing criteria for using the funds for capital projects in urban areas with populations of more than 200,000.
Maximum averages of House Crow (Corvus splendens) were observed in High Urbanized Area i.e.
In addition, we include those statistics for every "urbanized area" in the United States, decennially from 1950 to 2000.
Perhaps the greatest challenge to the field of rural education is defining "what's rural." The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) has revised its eight-category locale code classification system to incorporate changes in the Office of Management and Budget's definition of "rural." The resulting 12-category system continues to use the same standard geographic concepts found in the original eight locale codes, but now prioritizes an urban approach that combines both population size and distance from an urbanized area.
The tree cover across the city varies widely; the urbanized area, within its beltway, has a 32 percent canopy, thanks to an initiative to retain woody wetlands, while the growing southeast portion recorded tree cover of just 10 percent.
Latin America is the most urbanized area in the developing world, but much of its housing is substandard.
However, despite being in an urbanized area and causing millions of dollars of damage, no fatalities occurred.
"We want to show them it's wilderness." In fact, the bay's coral reef system, home to 200 fish species, is part of the third-largest reef in the world and the only one so close to a highly urbanized area.
The OMB's current definition of an MSA is "a Core Based Statistical Area associated with at least one urbanized area that has a population of at least 50,000.
The tumulus, or ancient grave mound, is now in the middle of an urbanized area, but its restoration has been carefully maintained.