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UTRSUniversal Technical Resource Services, Inc. (Cherry Hill, NJ)
UTRSUrea-Treated Rice Straw (agriculture)
UTRSUniversity of Toronto Research Services (Toronto, Canada)
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In Vietnam, a mixture of cassava hay and rice bean hay (3:1 ratio) replaced 60% of concentrate in a forage-based diet (Pennisetum purpureum + urea-treated rice straw) offered to growing crossbred heifers, resulting in higher daily weight gain (609 g [day.sup.-1]), better feed efficiency and reduced feed costs (Thang et al., 2008).
The feed ingredients and chemical composition of experimental diets and 3% urea-treated rice straw (UTRS) are shown in Table 1.
Preparation of urea-treated rice straw : Approximately 1metric ton of dry RS was obtained from rice fields and chopped into size of approximately 5 cm.
The dietary treatments were as follow: untreated rice straw (RS) without EuO (T1) and with EuO (T2) supplementation, and 3% urea-treated rice straw (UTRS) without EuO (T3) and with EuO supplementation (T4).
Nitrogen retention and microbial protein synthesis estimated using purine derivative was higher in urea-treated rice straw diet.
Urea-treated rice straw was prepared by using 3 kg urea of fertilizer grade (46% N) plus 100 kg water, sprayed onto 100 kg of rice straw and then covered up for 10 d before directly feeding to the animals (Wanapat et al., 2009).
Chemical compositions of concentrate, rice straw and urea-treated rice straw are presented in Table 1.
Therefore, this study was conducted to investigate the effects of carbohydrate source and level of cottonseed meal in the concentrate on dry matter intake, nutrient digestibility, rumen fermentation, microbial population and microbial protein synthesis in swamp buffaloes fed on a diet based on urea-treated rice straw.
Use of urea-molasses-multinutrient block and urea-treated rice straw for improving dairy cattle productivity in Vietnam.
Effects of dietary Carbohydrate and/or bypass protein on voluntary feed intake, digestibility and ruminal fermentation in dairy cattle fed rice straw and urea-treated rice straw as roughages.
The cows were offered concentrate feed at a ratio of concentrate to milk production of 1:2 and urea-treated rice straw was fed ad libitum.
(Key Words : Cassava Hay, Cassava Foliage, Urea-treated Rice Straw, Cellulolytic Bacteria Species, Roughage, Rumen)