UrhGUrheberrechtsgesetz (German: copyright law)
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As all GDR employees signed the same DEFA standard business terms including a respective assignment (Schricker and Loewenheim 2011: [section] 43, Ulmer 1980:401), generally all rights of use were effectively transferred to DEFA within the respective employment agreement according to [section] 43 UrhG.
As [section] 43 UrhG is not a cessio legis, but merely an obligation to a respective transfer, the authors could--explicitly or impliedly--only transfer these rights of use which were known in the GDR at the point of time when the eventual transfer occurred.
Excelsis is a registered accounting firm with the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board and the Canadian Public Accountability Board and has been retained by URHG to perform the financial and non-financial services necessary for URHG to meet the U.
Furthermore, Dun Glen, which holds mining equipment and leases on some mining claims in the Dun Glen Mining District was acquired with the exchange of 15m URHG common shares for 600,000 Dun Glen common shares.
The acquired businesses will operate as 100%-owned units of URHG.
a Nevada corporation, is a wholly owned subsidiary of URHG and is engaged in the acquisition of mining equipment and the development of gold and other precious metals mining projects that demonstrate a reasonable probability for near term production, including its Dun Glen Placer Mine, located in Pershing County, Nevada.
a Nevada corporation, is a majority controlled subsidiary of URHG and is engaged in the beneficiation of precious metals from mineral ores and ore concentrates on behalf of its affiliates and third-party mining companies at its facility located at the Tahoe-Reno Industrial Center in McCarran, Nevada.
Kersey, URHG's President, commented, "This permit grants URHG the right to complete construction of its milling facilities and commence mining operations at the Dun Glen Placer Mine.
Kersey noted, "This shareholder approval grants URHG voting control of Noble and allows URHG to begin integrating the companies' operations and immediately take advantage of numerous synergistic benefits.
The NDEP, Bureau of Water Pollution Control, has given written notice to URHG that the 45-day public comment period has passed for a Water Pollution Control Permit for URHG's Dun Glen Placer Mine, and the permit is scheduled to be issued on or about November 2, 2012.
The acquisition of Pershing was made with URHG exchanging one million two hundred thousand (1,200,000) shares of URHG common stock for six hundred thousand (600,000) shares of Pershing common stock.