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The benefits of this early detection of urinary tract dilation include a reduction in the renal damage due to obstruction and infection.
Evaluation of Urinary Tract Dilation Classification System for Grading Postnatal Hydronephrosis.
Six of one, half a dozen of the other: A measure of multidisciplinary inter/intra-rater reliability of the society for fetal urology and urinary tract dilation grading systems for hydronephrosis.
In this study, we examined the grade of obstruction in patients with urinary tract dilation, by evaluating the ureterovesical jet flows in the Doppler US window with manual renal compression.
All of the upper urinary tract dilations were recorded and examined using the flank compression method in Doppler mode.
As a rule, proximal urinary tract dilation and obstruction coexist.
The association remained significant (OR 2.5) in a logistic regression analysis of 368 patients, even after adjusting for such cofactors as family history of uropathy, male gender, young age, urinary tract dilation on ultrasonograph); high serum C-reactive protein at admission, and urine collection technique.