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URIsupper respiratory tract infections
URIsUnderwater Robotic Intelligent System (marine technology)
URIsUnions Régionales des Ingénieurs et Scientifiques (French: Regional Union of Engineers and Scientists)
URIsUmwelt Rechts Informations System (German: Environmental Law Information System; database)
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Mood disorders may also be a risk factor for contracting URIs. Patients with mood disorders are more likely than healthy controls to be seropositive for markers of influenza A, influenza B, and coronavirus, and those with a history of suicide attempts are more likely to be seropositive for markers of influenza B.
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Viral URIs enhance allergic sensitization to respiratory viruses, such as influenza and respiratory syncytial virus, cause cytopathic damage to airway epithelium, promote excessive proinflammatory cytokine/chemokine production, and increase the exposure of allergens and irritants to antigen-presenting cells.
Incluyen enlaces hacia otros URIs y asi pueden descubrir otros objetos
The primary outcome of this study was school absence due to URIs which was defined as a student's failure to attend school due to a URI episode.
Uris' Mila 18, named for the underground bunker where the Jewish resistance fighters had their headquarters, was published in 1961 and became a bestseller.
Over the past year URI has expanded its energy metals business by leveraging its existing business operations and technical capabilities.
"I've seen the word 'exodus' used a number of times, I've read the book by Leon Uris along with another Leon Uris title," said Schmidt last week.
Unresolved agonistic encounters (URIs)--those with no clear winner or loser--were frequently observed; and their pattern of occurrence changed over the course of the year.
The majority of acute upper respiratory infections (URIs) are viral in origin and the use of antibiotic treatment is ineffective, inappropriate, and potentially harmful.
Directed by Raoul Walsh, written by Leon Uris, starring Van Heflin, Aldo Ray, Mona Freeman, Nancy Olson, fames Whitmore, Raymond Massey, Tab Hunter, Dorothy Malone, Anne Francis, William Campbell, John Lupton, Fess Parker, Justus E.
"Emotional stress can compromise the health of cats in shelters, leading to immune suppression and upper respiratory infections (URIs)," the foundation says, adding that URI is a common cause for euthanasia in shelter cats.