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Originally, Urk was a small island in the Zuiderzee, or 'inland sea', of Holland, thus cut off by water from the rest of the Netherlands.
Chloroform from the supernatant was evaporated and the mycelial extracts were measured and assayed with Van Urk Reagent as mentioned above and absorbance was measured by spectrophotometer at 590 nm.
As for the size and depth of exploration and the actual space in "Destiny," Community Manager Eric "Urk" Osborne has responded to fans through (http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?p=122942974#post122942974) NeoGAF :
Sinuf Dosen 1 [??] AOK'a myektomi 2 [??] UOK'a 8-12 mm katlama+karsa-goz ARK' ageriletme 3 [??] Hipertropya [less than or equal to 25PD ise AOK myektomi Hipertropya > 25PD ise AOK'a myektomi; UOL'a katlama 4 [??] Sinif 3'e ilave olarak, ayni goz URK'a geriletme yada karsi goz ARK'a geriletme 5 [??] UOK'a katlamax ayni goz URK yada karsi goz ARK'a geriletme 6 Bilateral sinif 1-5 ameliyatlar (her iki goze uy gulanmak kaydryla) 7 [??] Trokleanin acilmasa
For more information, call AKB managing director Michiel Borst on 38325914, managing director Sarah Van Urk on 39306297 or visit www.athletickings.com
Pronunciation of star names Star Pronunciation Achernar (1) a' ker nar' Aldebaran (1) ul de bu ran' Alnair (1) ul na' ir Altair (1) ul ta'ir Antares (2) unt a' res Arcturus (2) urk tu'rus Betelgeuse (1) bet' el jou ze' Canopus (2) ku no' pus Castor (2) kus' tor Fomalhaut (1) fom' ul hout' Pollux (2) pol luks Procyon (2) pro' ki on Regulus (3) re' gu lus Rigel (1) rijl Sirius (2) se ri us Spica (2) spe' ku Vega (1) ve' gu Key to pronunciation symbols a (long) "arm", "father" e (short) "end", "best" e (long) "cafe", "Andre" e (long) "even", "we" i (short) "it", "pin" o (short) "offer", "dog" o (long) "beau", "Bordeaux" u (short) "much", "come" u (long) "clue", "noon" u (short) "put", "good" Origin of the name: (1) = Arabic, (2) = Greek, (3) = Renaissance Latin Source: Kunitzsch, P.
The game was even from the start and just as it looked like it would be a goalless first half Alex Ziegler pounced onto a loose ball after great work by Sara Van Urk, ran forward and calmly placed the ball into the corner of the goal.
Authors URK and JAR were partially supported through the "Johns Hopkins-Pakistan International Collaborative Trauma and Injury Research Training Program", Grant Number D43-TW007-292 from the Fogarty International Center of the United States National Institutes of Health.
It's not good, and even worse in a gratin, where, beneath a dry crust--scurf or tartar--it becomes that translucent magma, as if already vomited up, urk! Simply speaking of the thing gives me palpitations, cold sweats, a sour stomach.
Lo propio de Dios es ser inengendrado, sin principio y eterno, estas propiedades lo distinguen de modo neto del Hijo, que es engendrado, que posee a Dios como principio y nacio <<en el tiempo>> ([TEXTO IRREPRODUCIBLE EN ASCII]), si bien, en las cartas afirma <<fuera del tiempo>> ([TEXTO IRREPRODUCIBLE EN ASCII] Urk. 6,4) o <<antes del tiempo>> ([TEXTO IRREPRODUCIBLE EN ASCII] Urk.