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UdSUniversität des Saarlandes (Saarland University)
UDSUniversité de Strasbourg (French: University of Strasbourg; France)
UDSUniform Data System
UDSUnscheduled DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid) Synthesis
UDSUnión Deportiva Salamanca (Spanish Football Club)
UDSUbuntu Developer Summit (computer programming event)
UDSUniversal Data Systems
UDSUrodynamics (test for bladder function)
UDSUrine Drug Screen
UDSUniversity Dining Services (University of Minnesota)
UDSUnified Diagnostic Services (on-board vehicle diagnostics)
UDSUniform Drawing System (Construction Specifications Institute)
UDSUnix Domain Socket
UDSUltra-Deep Survey (astronomy)
UDSUniversal Documentation System
UDSUser Defined Solutions
UDSUgly Drum Smoker (cooking)
UDSUgly Domestic Scene
UDSUnion Démocratique Sénégalaise (French: Senegalese Democratic Union; Senegal)
UDSUniform Data Standard
UDSUniversal Drug Store (online pharmacy)
UDSUniversity Dramatic Society (University of Western Australia)
UDSUser Defined Sequence
UDSUnit Diary System (USMC)
UDSUnder Death Sentence
UDSUnit Data Sheet (Alcatel)
UDSUnified Digital Switch
UDSUser Display Subsystem
UDSUpright Drum Smoker (homemade grilling tool)
UDSUltra Drywall Stud
UDSUser Data Service (various organizations)
UDSUnitized Distribution Substation (Val-Tech Inc.)
UDSUniversal Diagnostic Set
UDSUtah Dressage Society
UDSUgly Duck Syndrome
UDSUhler Dental Supply (Chicago, IL)
UDSUstedes (Spanish: Formal Plural You)
UDSUtility Distribution System
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Urodynamic studies or urodynamics (UDX) are an established and recommended diagnostic tool to assess and evaluate patients with voiding dysfunctions and to predict, based on results, the appropriate management method for the individual patient7,8.
A skilled clinician who understands the complexities of the aging bladder and accompanying patient symptoms should perform urodynamics in the elderly.
Headquartered in Potzham, Germany, Andromeda is a European market leader in urodynamics.
Visit the Urodynamics Equipment and Disposables Market 2013-2020 report at https://www.
Urodynamics may be helpful in providing an accurate diagnosis, guiding management decisions, and potentially, offering prognostic information on risk for upper tract deterioration.
They address the pathophysiology of bowel and bladder dysfunction; epidemiology, quality of life factors, psychological aspects, and neuropsychiatric disorders and genetic aspects; evaluation using urodynamics, uroflowmetry and postvoid residual urine tests, and other methods; behavioral, psychological, medical, and surgical treatments, including urotherapy, physiotherapy, biofeedback, pharmacotherapy, peripheral tibial nerve stimulation therapy, sacral nerve stimulation therapy, and botulinum toxin; the evaluation and management of nocturnal enuresis; and neurogenic bladder and bowel dysfunction.
Urodynamics were obtained, consistent with neurogenic detrusor overactivity (NDO), detrusor-sphincter dyssynergia (DSD), and symptoms of AD associated with filling.
As director of urodynamics at UConn, I understand that even the most advanced clinical urodynamics evaluation is limited in what it can measure.
The more-sophisticated technique, multichannel urodynamics, pumps fluid at a slower, controlled rate and provides more accurate information.
Girls should start these in their teens," says Christine who, with colleagues in the Urodynamics team, runs a unique clinic at the hospital in Crown Street and at the hospital's Aintree site.
These include barium tests, spinal injections, contrast-enhanced examinations of the joints (arthrography and sometimes simultaneously combined with MRI), urodynamics - bladder function tests, gastric band screening and examinations to detect fertility problems.