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UFRUniversité François-Rabelais (French university)
UFRUnder-Frequency Relay
UFRUnion Française des Retraités (French: French Union of Retirees)
UFRUnmeasured Flow Reducer (water supply device)
UFRUpper Fuser Roller (copier component)
UFRUpper Fuser Roller
UFRUmbilicals, Flowlines & Risers (engineering, surface facilities)
UFRUltra Fast Ramp (semiconductor manufacturing)
UFRUniform Financial Statement and Independent Auditor's Report
UFRUltra Fast Rendering (printing)
UFRUnion of Forces of Resistance (Chad)
UFRUnité de Formation et de Recherche (French universities research and teaching unit)
UFRUse of Fund Resources (International Monetary Fund)
UFRUnit Failure Rate
UFRUnbiased Forward Rate (international finance, exchange rates)
UFRUnfinanced Requirement
UFRUnfunded Requirements
UFRUser Feedback Report
UFRUpon Further Review
UFRUrea Formaldehyde Resin
UFRUltrafiltration Rate (kidney dialysis)
UFRUnion of Republican Forces (Guinea)
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By measuring volume, speed, pattern and duration of urination, uroflowmetry helps diagnose and differentiate between a range of indications, including cancer of the prostate, kidney or bladder, BPH, urinary incontinence and blockage, neurogenic bladder dysfunction and urinary tract infections.
We recorded, analyzed and compared patient demographics, diagnostic investigations for the urethral strictures, surgical techniques, preoperative and postoperative uroflowmetry and the postoperative complications.
Flow rate or uroflowmetry is a non-invasive way of measuring the amount of urine passed within a period of time, expressed in millilitres per second (ml/s).
The IPSS is therefore widely used in combination with uroflowmetry to guide treatment decisions and to evaluate therapeutic response in men with LUTS probably caused by BOO.
At 3 months' postpartum, patients underwent uroflowmetry, multichannel filling and voiding cystometry, urethral pressure profilometry, Pelvic Organ Prolapse Quantification exam (POPQ), and pelvic floor neuromuscular exam.
DiMino believes that uroflowmetry already provides the medical profession with a highly-reliable diagnostic tool that is non-invasive and far more informative than the PSA test (or even the digital rectal exam-DRE).
Heyns, Van der Walt and Groenewald evaluated the correlation of a new visual prostate symptom score (VPSS) and IPSS with uroflowmetry parameters.