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UFRUnité de Formation et de Recherche (French universities research and teaching unit)
UFRUniversité François-Rabelais (French university)
UFRUltimate Forward Rate (financial valuation)
UFRUltra Fast Rendering (printing)
UFRUltrafiltration Rate (kidney dialysis)
UFRUpon Further Review
UFRUltra Fast Rendering
UFRUrea Formaldehyde Resin
UFRUnion of Republican Forces (Guinea)
UFRUse of Fund Resources (International Monetary Fund)
UFRUnfunded Requirements
UFRUnion of Forces of Resistance (Chad)
UFRUnbiased Forward Rate (international finance, exchange rates)
UFRUnfinanced Requirement
UFRUnder-Frequency Relay
UFRUnion Française des Retraités (French: French Union of Retirees)
UFRUnmeasured Flow Reducer (water supply device)
UFRUnit Failure Rate
UFRUpper Fuser Roller (copier component)
UFRUpper Fuser Roller
UFRUmbilicals, Flowlines & Risers (engineering, surface facilities)
UFRUser Feedback Report
UFRUltimate Free Runners
UFRUltra Fast Ramp (semiconductor manufacturing)
UFRUniform Financial Statement and Independent Auditor's Report
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Two patients (6.06%) in group A and five patients (15.15%) in group B showed a Qmax <10 mL/s by uroflowmetry (P=0.013).
Lower urinary tract symptoms and uroflowmetry in women with type 2 diabetes mellitus with and without bladder dysfunction.
At 1, 3, and 6 months post PAE, the urologists reevaluated the patients clinically and with uroflowmetry, and the IPSS and QoL questionnaires were updated.
Besides there has also been concerns regarding exposure to radiation and additional cost.2 On the other hand Uroflowmetry (UFM) a completely non-invasive test has been a common method to evaluate men with urethral stricture.13-15 The test gives three objective data points of maximum flow rate (Qmax), average flow rate and Voided Volume (VV).
Children with the strong desire to void were taken into the uroflowmetry room where only the investigator and the child were present, pants were pulled off completely by the children themselves, and the electromyography (EMG) electrodes (Aymed Medical Technology) were placed in the perineal area at three and nine o'clock positions (see Figure 2).
The high success rate of our series and the statistically significant improvement of uroflowmetry and IPS score are in concordance with the improvement in their quality of life scores, even in the patient who developed the restricture and eventually had to self-dilate every second week.
Future studies should further investigate the natural history of these symptoms and include objective bladder testing, such as uroflowmetry and urodynamics measurements in women with adenomyosis, and to determine the change in symptoms with treatment resulting in decreased uterine size or adenomyoma removal.
Each volunteer was asked to perform uroflowmetry in sitting and standing positions on two separate days, and a post-void residual volume was assessed after each test.
Relationship between age, prostate volume, prostatespecific antigen, symptom score and uroflowmetry in men with lower urinary tract symptoms.
Invasive methods to assess maximal urinary bladder capacity include VCUG, urodynamics, and uroflowmetry. Non-invasive methods to assess maximal urinary bladder capacity include a 24-hour voiding chart and patient fluid intake of a volume of 20 mL/kg over a 30-minute period.