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Results: One hundred and thirteen cases of urogenital fistula were included in this study.
Conclusion: Vesicovaginal fistula is the most common urogenital fistula. The obstructed labour has remained the commonest cause but emergency operative procedures are on the arise.
Urogenital fistula is indeed a misfortune, the female who has to go through the sequel of this complication, is not only physically debilitated but also psychologically distressed.
The obstetric urogenital fistula, a constant source of misery to the women, is as old as the mankind2.
The aim of the present study was to review the aetiology, surgery and outcomes of women with urogenital fistula over a period of four years at a tertiary care centre.
Key to successful vesicovaginal fistula repair: an experience of urogenital fistula surgeries and outcome at gynaecological surgical camp 2005.
Patients with other urogenital fistulas and those induced by malignancy were excluded from this study.
Dye test and hysterosalpingography, which is used in detection of urogenital fistula in noncongenital cause could not be used in this case due to vaginal agenesis.
As far as urogenital fistulas are concerned, significant amount of work has been done on vesicovaginal fistula, locally as well as internationally.
Among all types of urogenital fistulas the vesicouterine fistula is considered to be the most rare one.
The main causes of urogenital fistulas can be classified as obstetrical, surgical, radiation necrosis or related to a malignancy.
Radiological evaluation remains the gold standard evaluation for diagnosis of urogenital fistulas. The integrity of the upper urinary tract should also be evaluated with an intravenous pyelography, a retrograde pyelography or a pyridium test.[sup.10] A cystography may demonstrate a tract or retrograde filling of the uterine cavity.