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URSAUniversity Records System Access (UCLA)
URSAUniversal Rehabilitation Service Agency (est. 1985; Calgary, Alberta, Canada)
URSAUniversal Resource Sharing Application
URSAUbiquitous and Robust Access (computer networking)
URSAUndergraduate Research and Scholarly Activities
URSAUnbundled Regional Service Area (New Zealand)
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Early in the novel, Ursa repeats Great Gram's justification to Mutt, her husband: "When they did away with slavery down there they burned all the slavery papers so it would be like they never had it" (C 9).
8 August 2017 - European building materials provider Xella International GmbH has acquired Spanish insulation provider URSA from its shareholders, including funds managed by KKR as majority owners, the company said.
Methods: In this case-control study, the study groups consisted of 240 subjects with a history of URSA and 102 fertile women as controls.
Ursa specializes in access, aggregation and analytics of global commercial satellite-based radar.
The CEA entered into two reinsurance agreements with Ursa Re Ltd.
Zarate and his students have also begun to utilise the ability of the URSA Mini to shoot in 4K/Ultra HD (UHD), having shot a recent graduation ceremony in 4K/UHD.
The tail of Ursa Major--which is also the handle of the Big Dipper, Great Plough, and Celestial Wagon (see page 24)--serves as the "arc to Arcturus."
However, there are a few studies to evaluate the efficacy and the safety of the drug for fatigue alleviation, we conducted using URSA Complex to evaluate the efficacy on physical fatigue via score changes in the checklist individual strength (CIS).
To find it in the night sky, imagine a triangle formed of Ursa Major, Ursa Minor and the Quadrantid as the bottom point.
You can find constellations like Ursa Major (great bear), Ursa Minor (little bear), Pegasus (flying horse), Cygnus (swan), Draco (dragon), Cassiopeia (queen), and Cepheus (king), to name a few.
Prize pools, which started off at a base of $8,750, have tripled for each cycle with the help of eSports plinko and URSA CORPs, Heroes of Newerth's community crowdfunding initiatives that kicked off for the first time this year.
AFTER EARTH (12) ONE thousand years after cataclysmic events that almost snuffed out mankind, Earth is a devastated wasteland overrun by alien killing machines called The Ursa, which track humans by scenting pheromones excreted by fear.