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URZUruzgan (Airport, Afghanistan)
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In accordance with the orders by the Afghan defense ministry and Lieutenant General Raziq, the Afghan Special Security Forces relocated the oppressed villagers from Khas Uruzgan to a safe location.
A roadside bomb organized by militants struck a police vehicle outside Uruzgan provincial capital the Trinkot city today afternoon injuring a police constable and two passerby civilians," Agha told Xinhua.
Abdul Kareem Karimi, chief administrative official in Khas Uruzgan district, says that five police officers, a former district chief and a school principal were among those killed in the pre-dawn attack there on Monday, AP reopted.
Among the released prisoners 69 were of Kandahar, 16 of Zabul and one belonged to Uruzgan province.
The governor's spokesman, Ahmad Milad Modaser, said one remote-controlled car bombs was detonated in front of the provincial governor's compound and another near the offices of regional state television channel Uruzgan TV.
The statement released by the ministry said on Friday that Turkey condemned suicide bombings that killed many people and wounded several others in Uruzgan, noting that Turkey offered its condolences to relatives of those who were killed in these attacks.
A statement by the interior ministry described the Uruzgan incident as a "crime and a shameful act".
The Afghans invited to Australia will fight side by side with our special operations soldiers, which is an important part of our efforts to stabilise Uruzgan," an Australian defence department spokesman said.
His comments come during a bloody month for Australian forces stationed in Afghanistan, with three soldiers killed in a helicopter accident Monday in Kandahar Province and two others killed by an improvised explosive device in Uruzgan Province on June 8, bringing the total number of Australian troops killed to 16 since 2001.
Speaking a day after his coalition government collapsed over the issue, Mr Balkenende said the Netherlands will end its role in Uruzgan province, where 21 Dutch soldiers have been killed since the mission was first deployed in 2006.
Summary: A suicide attacker in a police uniform killed 19 policemen Monday after infiltrating their morning exercises in Afghanistan's province of Uruzgan, authorities said, in one of the deadliest
The bomber, who was on foot, blew himself up in a crowded area in the southern province of Uruzgan, said General Qassim Khan, provincial police chief.