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UBWUrban Bush Women (Brooklyn, NYC dance company)
UBWUnlimited Blade Works (Archer from Fate/Stay Night Anime)
UBWUsual Body Weight
UBWUltimate Bias Wrecker
UBWUnits by Weight (measurement)
UBWUnified Budget and Workplan
UBWUltimate Backyard Wrestling
UBWUltimate Bebo Wrestling (Bebo.com)
UBWUnderwater Basket Weaving :-)
UBWUSB Bit Whacker (Spark Fun Electronics)
UBWUsable Bandwidth
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A., "Design of double dipole antenna with enhanced usable bandwidth for wideband phased array applications," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol.
survey', the average 8Mbps connections in the UK only really delivers 2.7Mbps of usable bandwidth!
It gives over 1 GHz of usable bandwidth. Moreover, it diffracts light along two axes and can rotate the polarisation so that undiffracted light can be blocked with a polarizer, reducing optical noise in the image.
In any event, 802.11n was designed to provide true 100 Mbps throughput (a measure of speed of transmission), unlike the current variations of 802.11, which all suffer from large overhead burdens, which greatly reduce usable bandwidth. Why does bandwidth matter?
The usable bandwidth for these amplifiers ranges from 250 to 4000 MHz.
It should be noted that 8GFC results in 8 * 1.063 Gb/s = 8.504 Gb/s of usable bandwidth.
The total usable bandwidth of the optical communications spectrum is on the order of 10,000 times higher than the total usable RF bandwidth.
With the capability to handle voice, data and video simultaneously over a single horizontal link, the TERA copper cabling system and its components offer full compliance to the new international class F, proposed Category 7 and BCT standards, delivering 1.2 GHz of usable bandwidth. The 10G 6 Category 6 (6e) cabling system features linear performance and usable bandwidth to at least 625 MHz.
Insufficient usable bandwidth is one of the key issues in Server-based computing (SBC) applications.
MetriCor is optimized for transmission at speed of 2.5 to 10 Gb/sec and it operates over the entire usable bandwidth from 1,280 to 1,625 nm.
The Fire GL2 and Fire GL3 include the IBM RC 1000 256-bit graphics rasterizer and a 256-bit double data rate (DDR) memory interface that doubles the usable bandwidth to provide fast frame rates at higher resolutions and color depths.