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USECUnited States Enrichment Corporation
USECUnited States East Coast
USECUnited States Eurasier Club (Fairfax, VA)
USECUnity Security Force (gaming)
USECUniversal Services Echo Canceller
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Because of low stock prices and deteriorating market capitalization, USEC has faced delisting notices from the New York Stock Exchange and the company received a junk-bond credit rating from Moody's Credit Rating Service in 2009 and Standard and Poor's in 2012.
In 2000, USEC discovered that 9,550 metric tons of that inventory may have contained elevated levels of technetium, making it out-of-specification according to standards for uranium hexafluoride for enrichment as set by the American Society for Testing and Materials.
As of February 28, 2006, USEC reported that about 10 percent of the contaminated uranium that DOE transferred to the corporation prior to privatization remains to be decontaminated, or about 960 metric tons of the 9,550 contaminated metric tons transferred.
USEC rigorously utilizes a roll-out plan format, and this one would be especially important.
This is our sixth year of implementing the 'Megatons to Megawatts' program, and we are ahead of the original government schedule," said USEC president and CEO William Timbers.
Economists note that even if a privatized USEC does become more efficient, it's questionable whether those savings will filter down to American nuclear power consumers: With an almost total monopoly on nuclear fuel production in the U.
Under the terms of the contract, the supply of LEU to USEC will begin in 2013 and ramp up until it reaches a level in 2015 that is approximately one-half the level currently supplied by TENEX to USEC under the Megatons to Megawatts program with the mutual option to increase the quantities up to the same level as that program.
However, PACE officials warns that without drastic changes by USEC (a publicly-traded company, NYSE: USU) in its current financial plans or intervention by the government, the plant may never be built due to lack of funds.
USEC employees have already begun to mobilize and are raising funds for the relief effort.
USEC received that exclusive and profitable contract as a quid pro quo from the U.
We are pleased with the progress being made between DOE and USEC staff to develop the terms and conditions for a conditional commitment," said John K.
9 billion from the sale of USEC, which included the proceeds from the sale of equity securities, plus $500 million in cash from a USEC borrowing in the bank market.