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The Open Book is not entirely my kind of used bookstore in that its literature section is modest, dwarfed by the sections for miscellaneous subjects like birds and Scotland and garden design.
I need to be among them,'' said McMurtry, 77, whose rare and used bookstore in Archer City contains about 200,000 volumes while the library in his nearby home holds about 28,000.
A few years ago, while browsing in a used bookstore in Winnipeg, I found two vintage photographs of a man and a woman.
She repeated the success of the first store by opening a used bookstore called The Readery in 2001.
I love a good used bookstore. I probably would have bankrupted myself in college if it hadn't been for the used book options at UConn's Co-Op.
Half Price Books is the largest family-owned new and used bookstore chain, with more than 110 retail locations in 16 states.
Don't expect to see any of those on the shelves of a used bookstore or in the library's next book sale.
"We were working together at the time and one day Mandy vented her frustration at never finding the only small used bookstore in Maadi open.
For his short takes, Cowley would be paid exactly one dollar, but only after they were published, which "mightn't be for weeks or months, and meanwhile you had to eat." Thus, after sitting in Union Square jotting down notes on each work, the young critic would take them nearby to a used bookstore located on Fourth Avenue's Book Row, where he would receive 35 cents for each review copy.
My idea of a good time is bargain hunting at a rummage sale or used bookstore.
When 15-year-old Ophelia (who prefers to be called O) heads east for the summer to help her Aunt Emily run her used bookstore, The Green Man, she knows that her aunt, a poet, is somewhat eccentric.
Other good eats include the Blue Heron in Sunderland, and the Night Kitchen, located in Montague on the banks of the Sawmill River next to the Bookmill, a used bookstore. The Bookmill itself is a destination, housed in an 1842 gristmill at 440 Greenfield Rd.