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User Domain: users will be categorized and their morphology will be developed.
Table 1: User Domain. First level Second level users Third level users users User Passenger Employee Drivers Gender Female/male Female/male Female/male Type of Short Service/Security/ Short walk/stay utilization walk/stay Supervision Time Waiting Long stay Waiting Primary needs Safety Ease Safety in the Safe connection of access station Sufficient space
When a new user domain is created, we can use Flicker [18] or TrustVisor [19] to restart measurement from bottom.
To address the above problems, we provide a dynamic tree style trust measurement model called DTSTM which separates trust relationship between system domain and user domain. The trustworthiness of user domain will be measured by measurement module within system domain.
The lower part includes components of DTMA, User Domain Kernel O[S.sub.un] and user application component [P.sub.n].
* Both the systems engineering and software engineering functions are jointly committed to obtain the deepest possible user domain awareness.
In the user domain, the User Equipment (UE) includes a Client Context Acquisition (CCA) module and a Local Service Management (LSM) module.
Here, we present user domain, broker domain, and interdomain communications architectures.
In general terms, the user domain consists of a Web browser with a Java VM executing the different classes (modules CA, AMA, ...), that are downloaded from the Web server through HTTP.
It is responsible for joining the user domain and the broker domain.
In this case, the statement will return true 25% of the time, so 25% of the user domains will be checked.
provision of expertise in various user domains and regions to prepare, participate in, and report on relevant international user forums; technical workshops; stakeholders' international meeting (e.g.