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UINUser Identification Number
UINUnique Identifying Number
UINUser Inactivity Monitor
UINUniversal Identification Number
UINUniversal Internet Number (ICQ)
UINUnique Identification Number
UINUniversity Identification Number
UINUser Identification Number (ICQ)
UINQuincy, IL, USA - Baldwin Field (Airport Code)
UINUniversity Information Network (Egypt)
UINUnit Identification Number
UINUrban Investment Network (Urban Land Institute)
UINUnion Inspection Notice
UINUnité d'Imagerie Numérique (French: Digital Imaging Unit; radiology)
UINUseless Inert Nothing
UINUnemployment Identification Number
UINUnion Improvement Notice (UK)
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With a user identification number, a customer enters a parts number, and the actual stock in a warehouse or consignment location is then displayed in real time.
A Members Only site on asme.org, which is accessible only via a personal user identification number and currently allows membership renewals and address changes, will be further developed.
When staffers need to make copies for a case, they enter a user identification number into the computer, and the computer records the number of copies made to that "account."