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UEUnión Europea (Spanish: European Union)
UEUniversity of Evansville (Evansville, IN)
UEUser Equipment
UEUnione Europea
UEUnia Europejska (Polish: European Union)
UEUnion Européenne
UEUnião Europeia
UEUniversity of the East
UEUniversity of the East (Manila, Philippines)
UEUrban Exploration
UEUniunea Europeana (Romanian: European Union)
UEUnité d'Enseignement (French: academic subjects)
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UEUser Error
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UEUnusual Event (safety and emergency planning)
UEUnit of Employment (US Army)
UEUnit of Employment
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UEUniversal English (Adobe)
UEUnified Endeavor
UEUnified Endeavor (military simulation exercise)
UEUniversal Exports (James Bond movie)
UEUnderlying Event
UEUnity of the Empire (descendant of a qualified United Empire Loyalists)
UEUnified Engagement (joint wargame)
UEUniform Elongation
UEUltimate Elektra (comic)
UEUrban Eye
UEUrbaniste de l'Etat (French: Planner of the State)
UEMember of the United Empire Loyalists
UEUnited Endeavor
UEUnit Exhausted
UEUnité d'Endotoxine (French: Endotoxin Unit)
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"What the secretary of state characterizes as user error, I characterize as a software bug," said Dan Wallach, a computer science professor at Rice University who studies electronic voting systems.
As the cybersecurity survey pointed out, a large portion of breaches are due to user errors. That is why a telehealth platform needs to automate processes and offer other safeguards to reduce that error risk.
IBM's report showed an overall increase in insider-mediated attacks with a slight shift toward malicious attacks from those caused by end user error. Still, since the absolute number of attacks overall increased significantly, the absolute number of end user error mediated attacks increased as well.
Of 97 EHR-related malpractice claims that closed from January 2007 to June 2014, 64% involved user errors, and 42% were related to system factors, in an analysis from The Doctors Company, a medical liability insurer.
User error, such as incorrect data input, contributes to the majority of medical malpractice claims that involve electronic health records (EHR).
At this stage, user error, corrupt backups, and hardware and software bugs were the root causes.
This data is typically generated for each satellite multiple times a day and helps to consistently minimize user error.
"We've included everything from zero brass content for added consumer safety and flexibility of switching between carbonated and still applications, to improved maintenance schedules and intuitive technology that reduces user error."
If no match is found, additional kits are used, but sometimes the concentration is too low and user error is common.
Senior author Marco Rolandi, a University of Washington assistant professor of materials science and engineering, said that with a microneedle test there's little room for user error, because the depth of delivery is determined by the microneedle length rather than the needle-insertion angle.
ebookers says the problem was "completely user error" and insists its rules "are in no way confusing".
(13.) Proposed strategies for reducing user error in capillary blood glucose monitoring.