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He should not just tell Kenyans the usual stuff that he is known to do, like 'embracing one another', which sounds quite easier than practical, but tell the country how he is going to make it more cohesive than he has done before,' said Mr Nyukuri.
Not for any other reason but because they are more than the usual stuff you often get to see.
Westley (above) said: "Cooky called me this morning, just to say congratulations, the usual stuff between team-mates.
All the usual stuff is there - apps, books, movies and more - but now you can call on Alexa to help you navigate it all.
An interesting answer and certainly a lot more intriguing than the usual stuff about drinking tots of whisky and eating porridge every day.
But alternative-rock would also do for the lyrics the themes we usually exude, just the usual stuff like relationships, friendships, heartaches and a series of our day to day life events.
Obviously, there was the usual stuff about running a household, holding down a job and raising my (then) two children singlehandedly - while simultaneously going through a divorce without sliding into functioning alcoholism.
Asked why they opted for such storylines at Christmas, the producers said they were just trying to brighten things up a bit from the usual stuff.
Other than the usual stuff like washing with bleach etc, cut out the section of plasterboard with the black marks right back to the joists.
It's dampness and the ceiling is probably close to the shower head, apart from the usual stuff like washing with bleach etc.
The two special stockings were filled with some of the usual stuff, but also Oregon Ducks socks, candy canes and as much holiday cheer as we could pack into two stockings (and a total of $60).
Instead of the usual stuff that makes pilots TV's slow-witted childrenall that endless exposition and character introduction and seminal events that set the show's premise in motionAbbi and Ilana just hang out.