Ud Dict

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Ud DictUt Dictum (Latin: As Directed)
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[will (3)] "Item asserens idem reverendissimus dominus testator ex spetiali dispensatione obtinuisse a sanctissimo domino nostra pape ut possit, separata anima a corpore, cor suum in patriam transferri facet, constituit et ordinavit ut dictum cor suum a corpore discerptum in aliquo vase, prout ipsi exequutares et fideicommissarii ordinaverint, ad sepelliendum in sepultura ecclesie sue metropolitane exportitur et in dicto monumento seu sepultura reconditur [fol.
Also the regular rendering of Dante's impersonal phrases ('ut dictum est' and so on) with the first person plural adds a not entirely appropriate tone of familiarity between author and reader, so diminishing the objective rigour of the argumentation and, more important, blurring the distinction between these linking asides and those crucial passages in which Dante uses 'we' to refer to all of us, as human beings and members of human society in its ever increasing groupings of family, local community, city, and kingdom within the just and providentially instituted universal Empire.