UtRAMUni-Transistor Random Access Memory
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Other features include operation on an active current of 30 milliamperes and a standby current of just 200 microamperes and an ability to use a multi-chip package to add a flash memory device to the UtRAM.
The 256Mb UtRAM is fully compliant to JEDEC's (Joint Electron Device Engineering Council) burst pseudo-SRAM standard.
Samsung's UtRAM is available as a stand-alone device or as a key component within multi-chip packages (MCPs), which recently have become the memory option of choice for mobile phones.
The new 256Mb UtRAM is scheduled for mass production beginning at the end of 2005.
The UtRAM ships in multi-chip package (MCP) solutions that are capable of delivering up to six devices in a single package, including: DRAM, NAND Flash, SRAM and now UtRAM.
The UtRAM provides advanced data transmission and a synchronous burst interface, for sequential write and read functions.
Samsung's UtRAM is currently available in engineering samples and mass production is expected to begin in Q2 2004.
a 128Mbit NAND Flash memory, a 64Mbit UtRAM, a 32Mbit UtRAM
the world's leader in advanced semiconductor memory technology, today announced that it is first to ship samples of high-capacity multi-chip package (MCP) devices integrating a 128Mb SDRAM with a 256Mb NAND Flash and an optional 32Mb UtRAM.
The highly efficient UtRAM eliminates dead cycles between read and write functions, resulting in faster data transmission.
Samsung is positioned to offer total mobile memory solutions through its competitive product portfolio ranging from DRAMs, SRAMs, UtRAMs and flash memories.
MCP solutions allow Mobile DRAMs to be delivered packaged together with a variety of Samsung memory devices including: NAND Flash, OneNAND Flash, SRAM, and UtRAMs or with ASICs in a System-in-Package (SIP) solution.