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UWWUnited World Wrestling (governing body)
UWWUniversity of Wisconsin, Whitewater
UWWUniversity Without Walls
UWWUpchurch Watson White and Max (Florida and Alabama)
UWWUnder Water Weighing
UWWUterine Wet Weight
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BZA, either as monotherapy or in association with estrogens, induces the smallest effect on uterine wet weight in immature rats and ovariectomized mice or rats in comparison with controls treated with vehicle or with raloxifene and lasofoxifene [8, 22, 32].
Effects on the Uterine Wet Weight and Uterine Content Parameters.
The luminal epithelial height and uterine wet weight are well-established end points for evaluating estrogenicity of chemicals (Branham et al.
Neonatal mice treated orally on days 2-5 with 25 mg/kg GIN showed increased uterine wet weight gain similar to mice that received 20 mg/kg GEN sc, thus indicating that approximately 80% of orally administered GIN reached sufficient circulating levels of the active compound to elicit a biological effect compared with sc GEN (Jefferson et al.
As expected, treatment with increasing doses of [E.sub.2] resulted in increased uterine wet weight. In both strains, perinatal treatment with 250 ng BPA/kg bw/day did not alter this parameter (Table 2).
Effect of diet on uterine/ovarian and uterine wet weight and uterine luminal epithelial cell height.
(2001) found a significant increase in ER transcriptional activity in the adult uterus after exposure to 1 mg/kg BPA, whereas this dose did not induce a uterine wet weight response.
Finally, the in vivo estrogenic bioactivity of the used polycarbonate cages was tested by measuring the uterine wet weight of prepubertal female mice housed in the cages.
MXC, at 100 mg/kg/day, increased uterine wet weight and epithelial height to about one-third that of [E.sub.2] 2 [micro]g/kg/day.
These doses of DES and estradiol have been previously determined to cause maximum uterine wet weight increase (4).