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UtilidorUtility Corridor (tunnel)
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The project's most critical milestone was to have all buildings, including the process plant, power plant, truck shop, warehouse, offices, security building, and utilidors, enclosed and heated by October 1997.
To mitigate the demanding climate of the North Slope, Barrow has access to modern science and technology as represented by the utilidor, the beach nourishment program, and resident and visiting scientists.
Previous attempts to stop the groundwater infiltration have greatly reduced it but not eliminated it.There are also a number of locations in the Budd Inlet Treatment Plant utilidor where infiltration of groundwater requires attention to prevent it from getting worse.
The Westridge Utilidor wrapped up this year on campus, boosting capacity and enabling further construction.
One of Kiewirs projects, the UAF utilidor project, involves increasing steam capacity for West Ridge and the new Life Sciences Facility.
My inspection continues--the utilidor is a tricky thing to build, hanging as it does off the substructure.
The Corps has an $8.4 million contract with MWH Americas to repair Utilidors on Eielson, and another $21 million contract with Alcan General Inc.
AWWU SCADA implementation, Anchorage watershed management, Eielson AFB utilidor upgrade, remedial action at numerous public and private sites, and rural sanitation and bulk-fuel system upgrades.
It provides reliable data collection and connectivity to remotely monitor and control the environments in critical applications, such as public safety, railway, ITS, underground "utilidors," airport runway monitoring.
Utilidors are smaller tunnels typically large enough for only the utility piping.
This is the story of how Disney drew on the experience of his Californian Disneyland to devise a community, never realized, in which every aspect of life including language was controlled and designed; in which splendid neologisms such as 'edutainment', 'utilidors' (underground service passages), 'wienies' (principal local attractions) and 'plussing' (making thin gs work better) were coined; and where futuristic PeopleMovers were to whizz visitors around radially planned sites with exemplary safety and efficiency.
* Would it be better to install pipelines in utilidors or directly in the ground?