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UtilidorUtility Corridor (tunnel)
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My inspection continues--the utilidor is a tricky thing to build, hanging as it does off the substructure.
Driving growth was the corporation's contracting and professional services sector, which almost doubled in revenues in 2008, and its construction services sector, which increased from $257,000 in 2007 to more than $11 million in 2008, thanks to completion of an 8(a) contract for utilidor upgrades at Fort Wainwright.
At Eielson, the Corps has included Phase 8 in the Arctic Utilidor program for $5.
for a utilidor project to upgrade the Ninth Street Housing utilities at Fort Wainwright.
AWWU SCADA implementation, Anchorage watershed management, Eielson AFB utilidor upgrade, remedial action at numerous public and private sites, and rural sanitation and bulk-fuel system upgrades.
Recent Projects: Communications towers in Western Alaska, North Slope and Central Alaska for UUI; ASTAC, Alaska Digitel and other utility companies; fish site restoration for USDA Forest Service; NE design of facilities and buildings and construction services for government agencies and private clients; heated public storage project and Eielson utilidor upgrade design-build project.