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The objective of the Augmentation of Water Pipelines along with the Orugodawatta Ambatale Road Development Project is to shift the existing more than 100 years old water utility pipe network laid along with the Orugodawatta - Ambathale road section into the utility corridor of the road which is being constructed.
The Municipal Review Committee voted to buy the site for the project and the utility corridor and enter into agreements with the town of Hampden and the Hampden Water District, all on certain conditions.
Appan submitted that multiple agencies controlled by both state and central government deal with various public utilities like gas pipes, water lines, telephone and sewer lines and the solution was a totally separate permanent utility corridor.
Last month, the railroad administration narrowed its focus for the train route to a "utility corridor," which is reserved for high-voltage electric transmission lines.
Reservoirs and pumping stations will be constructed at five strategic sites along the Qatar National Utility Corridor.
In New York, most of the Northeast Energy Direct Pipeline would follow the same route as the Constitution Pipeline northeast to an interconnect station in Schoharie County, and from there would be co-located with Tennessee Gas Pipeline's existing system and a utility corridor.
The revised route would include: 188 miles of new and co-located mainline pipeline facilities, including about 53 miles of pipeline generally co-located with TGP's existing 200 Line and an existing power utility corridor in western New York near the proposed Market Path Mid Station No.
The bike path runs east-west for 2 1/2 miles from Pioneer Parkway to 35th Street along the EWEB utility corridor.
The new agreement has Tsuu T'ina transfer 1,058 acres of land to Alberta for the creation of a transportation and utility corridor, which will complete the southeast portion of the Calgary ring road.
The investors can now construct property with dedicated state-of-the-art high rise buildings of ground plus 19, which ensures them 48MW captive power generation for uninterrupted electricity, round-the-clock security, gated entrance with perimeter wall, underground utility corridor, overall mettle road and a host of other facilities.
(35) The Illinois Second District Court of Appeals ruled that the historic-cost method of valuing a utility corridor was improper and the across the fence method of valuation was file correct method to determine the value of the subject property.
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