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UTEUnión Temporal de Empresas
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UTEUniversal Test Equipment
UTEUnidad de Tecnología Educativa (Spanish: Educational Technology Unit; University of Valencia)
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UTEUniversal Test Equipment (various locations)
UTEUtilization Rate
UTEUjpesti Torna Egylet (Hungarian team)
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UTEUntie the Elderly
UTEUnmanned Threat Emitter
UTEUnit Test Equipment
UTEUsinas Y Transmisiones del Estado (Uruguay)
UTEUnión de Trabajadores de Escuintla (Union of Workers of Escuintla, Guatemala)
UTEUser Terminal Element
UTEUtilities, Tools and Education
UTEUniversal Transaction Engine
UTEUser-information Transfer Entity
UTEUnimpaired Tactical Effectiveness
UTEUnité de Travail Annuel
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The utilization rate tracks how much space is being used in an individual facility -- about 85 percent is an optimal balance between throughput and efficiency.
This follows the 70 percent utilization rate recorded in April, down 20 percent from 90 percent in January after private sector partners and the government signed a manifesto last March calling for the efficient utilization of container terminals.
Ports usually target to keep their utilization rates at lower levels to ensure faster movement of cargoes in the terminals.
ICTSI said the MICT was able to achieved the significant drop in utilization rates despite recording its all-time highest throughput over a four-month period.
Renault Samsung is getting ready to introduce a new SUV in 2020, but the plant's utilization rate will inevitably be reduced until exports and domestic sales of the vehicle start, the insider said.
* Historic and forecast data on customer type and rental location, insurance replacement revenue, fleet size by type of car, rental occasions, rental days, average rental length, utilization rate and average revenue per day.
Overall, the percentage of exports to Japan from Thailand and Malaysia, which utilized either the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) with Japan or the ASEAN-Japan Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (AJCEP), was lower than the other FTA utilization rate in both countries.
Why is the utilization rate for FTAs with the EU, Chile and Peru high while the utilization rate for FTAs with the ASEAN and India is low?
The capacity utilization rate now stands at 73.3 percent.
The information collected on these trees was used for calculating in-woods utilization rate but not landing utilization rate.
He pointed out that capital spending restraints through the second half of 2012 will also slow new capacity additions, which will push up overall utilization rates to normal levels at the start of 2013.
In fact, its three terminal facilities in Westwego, Louisiana; Brunswick, Georgia; and Salisbury, Maryland currently have any overall utilization rate of 94%.