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UTOPIAUniversal Test and Operations Phy Interface for Atm
UTOPIAUtah Telecommunications Open Infrastructure Agency
UTOPIAUsable Technology for Older People Inclusive and Appropriate (UK)
UTOPIAUniversal Test and Operations Physical Interface for ATM
UTOPIAUnited Territories of Polynesian Islanders' Alliance (est. 1998; San Francisco, CA)
UTOPIAUrban Transport Options for Propulsion Systems and Instruments for Analysis (EU)
UTOPIAUser-Tested Optimized Practices in Action (software professional forum)
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The Utopia, like so many other books of which we have read, was the outcome of the times in which the writer lived.
Amerigo wrote a book about his voyages, and it was from this book that More got some of his ideas for the Utopia.
The whole story of the Utopia is told in the form of talks between Hythlodaye, More, and his friend Peter Giles.
I may be wrong, but I think Utopia is one of these.
It would take too long to tell all about the wonderful island of Utopia and its people, but I must tell you a little of it and how they regarded money.
And because they came to entreat of great and weighty matters, three citizens a piece out of every city (of Utopia) were come thither before them.
In some of these visions of Utopias and coming times which I have read, there is a vast amount of detail about building, and social arrangements, and so forth.
Their Utopias inspire in the mass of mediocre minds a disgust of reality and a contempt for the secular logic of human development."
In his Introduction, Wegner posits that Elliot's book is still important today because it asserted the viability of utopia at a time when widely read dystopias such as Aldous Huxley's Brave New World and George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four seemed to have snuffed out the Utopian enterprise and because The Shape of Utopia "influenced in significant ways the seminal works of what at that moment were the emergent fields of Utopian and science fiction studies" (xiii).
Now in its 30th anniversary year, Wolverhampton-based Utopia has significantly increased UK coverage with a full complement of business development specialists.
Se han dado varias definiciones de la utopia, algunas peyorativas, otras positivas.