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UuhUnunhexium (element 116)
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In addition, all the quantitative-independent (measurable) variables are given below: udder upper height (UUH), udder width (UW), udder length (UL), udder diameter (UD), teat angle (TA), udder volume (UV), somatic cell count (SCC), lactation length (LL), and LOGSCC, which is a logarithmic transformation of SCC trait.
It's nature dat keeps uh man off of uh red-hot stove." "Uuh huuh!
my supervisor has uhm uuh just requires tremendous amount standard's.
Uppsala University Hospital (UUH) and Elekta today announced that they have signed an agreement to jointly work at the forefront of imaging in cancer care research.
The biggest overall leap to No.1 is by DJ Otzi whose hit Hey Baby (Uuh, Aah) rose from No.45 to No.1 in September 2001.
I was like, "Uuh!" But a glass of wine later, I was like, "OK!" I was so nervous I didn't even introduce myself, but Tom totally knew it was me.