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UUIDUniversal(ly) Unique Identifier
UUIDUniversally Unique Identifier
UUIDUnique User Identifier
UUIDUniversal User Identity
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At this time, the server distinguishes each resident by UUID, major value, and minor value.
Authentication based on location is as follows; a "token" which is a pair of some information generated by a Beacon such as UUID and OTP is generated only to a person who is closed to a specified location.
In commercially available Bluetooth beacons the user can usually change the UUID, major and minor values.
If a router or a node receives a message with a UUID that it has already received recently, the message is ignored and discarded, not to be passed on.
Identificados os cantos opostos e realizada nova ligacao ao Moodle para armazenar o identificador da disciplina, a hora de inicio, bem como o UUID do professor na tabela Aula no subsistema integrado no Moodle, e tambem devolver ao script da Campainha o identificador da aula, o total de alunos inscritos, e a lista de alunos inscritos na disciplina que esta a iniciar.
A UUID generator uses a complex algorithm, which takes into account factors, such as the current date and time, to produce a hexadecimal number that has a statistical guarantee of uniqueness.
UUID (Universally Unique Identifier): Also known as GUID (Globally Unique Identifier), this is an identifier that is unique across both space and time, with respect to the space of all UUIDs.
When SenStick.discovery() method finds a SenStick, a callback function with an instance of SenStick object containing the SenStick's UUID and LocalName as arguments is called.
* Schema uuid is a unique identifier of the current database schema.
Sample SOAP message for the WS-Addressing example <S:Envelope xmlns:S="http://www.w3.org/2003/05/soap-envelope" xmlns:wsa="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/ws/2 004/08/addressing"> <S:Header> <wsa:MessageID> uuid:6B29FC40-CA4 7-1067-B31D-00DD010662DA </wsa:MessageID> <wsa:ReplyTo> <wsa:Address>http://business456.example/client1</wsa:Address> </wsa:ReplyTo> <wsa:To>http://fabrikam123.example/Purchasing</wsa:To> <wsa:Action>http://fabrikam123.example/SubmitPO</wsa:Action> </S:Header> <S:Body/> </S:Envelope> [FIGURE 12 OMITTED]