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UUPUlster Unionist Party
UUPUnited University Professions (Albany, NY)
UUPUnunpentium (ekabismuth, element 115)
UUPUse of University Property
UUPUniform Uncertainty Principle
UUPUniversal User Profile (world wide web)
UUPUMC1000 Upgrade Program (AFC)
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The UUP are on record as stating that they will not support the election of a local minister to oversee the administration of policing and justice until there is agreement to test 10 and 11-year-old children to determine which school they will attend," he said.
UUP leader Mr David Trimble promised his party's ruling executive he would not waver from its "No guns, no government" stance but told them any deal may bring "some pain" for unionists.
With no other sensible rationale, the UUP has resorted to one attack after another on the DUP proving that this is nothing more than a selfish party political stunt.
The move will heap further pressure on the linkup which has already cost the UUP its only MP Lady Sylvia Hermon and North Down MLA Alan McFarland.
The UUP leader said he had chosen Mr McGimpsey because of his previous experience as a minister.
I wouldn't involve myself in choosing a leader for the UUP.
And some UUP insiders close to Trimble privately claimed they were glad of the DUP victory.
Ulster Unionist MP William Ross said before a meeting of opponents of the Good Friday accord within the UUP that they were relying on him to stick to the party manifesto promise of "no guns, no government.
THE DUP accused the UUP of hypocrisy and noted the party sat in an Executive with Sinn Fein before IRA decommissioning.
LADY SYLVIA Hermon's decision to resign from the UUP could signal the "beginning of the end" for the party's electoral pact with David Cameron's Tories, it was claimed last night.
The move will come as a major blow to the UUP who're still reeling from losing their electoral crown to the DUP.
Since the signing of the Good Friday agreement, the UUP has insisted it would not form an executive featuring Sinn Fein without any IRA disarmament.