UurUreaplasma Urealyticum
UurUnclassified Unlimited Release (security classification)
UurUnion of Union Representatives
UurUnder Usual Reserves (shipping)
UurUnit Under Review
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The two sweetlips mitochondrial genomes contain 22 tRNA genes, which are interspersed between rRNA and protein-coding genes, ranging from 67 (tRNACys, tRNASer(AGY)) to 76 (tRNALys(UUR)) nucleotides in length (Table III).
MDM patients who were described as having similar clinical features to T2DM, with or without hearing loss, were first reported in 1992.[2] In China, MDM pedigrees were first reported in 1995, and these patients were described as having special clinical presentations including matrilineal inheritance, early onset of diabetes, lack of obesity, dependence on insulin treatment, and hearing loss.[3] In 2005, the Chinese Diabetes Society recommended that patients with these combination of features should be screened for mitochondrial tRNA Leu(UUR) A3243G mutation.[4] However, as shown in our study, few patients with MDM had all these clinical features, it would miss most MDM patients if only such patients were screened for the tRNA Leu(UUR) A3243G mutation.
A: In the wake of the so-called Arab Spring, which in Yemen led to the downfall of the late President Saleh, the Saudis endorsed the nomination of Abdrabbuh Man[sz] uur Hadi as interim President of a national reconciliation platform.
Now the UUR is insisting that organizers with the Fight for $15 campaign should also be unionized - and that the SEIU has violated its own staff's collective bargaining contract by not letting Fight for $15 workers join UUR.
O, ou skapies, oneindig ongelukkige trop; die baas le Neaera warm terwyl hy bang is dat sy my bo hom sal verkies, dan melk hierdie onbevoegde immigrant die skape twee keer per uur, en dreineer dus die kudde se lewensbloed en die lammers se melk.
Ten schools in Northern and Central Utah participated in the Utah Underwater Robotics (UUR) first inaugural year.
On the Meaning of Customer Satisfaction: A Study in the Context of Retail Banking, Universiteit op vrijdag 14.15 uur door
CONCLUSION: Uur study concludes that TAP block provides effective post-operative analgesia of prolonged duration along with reduced opioid consumption and opioid related side effects when instituted as a component of multimodal analgesia regimen in pediatric patients undergoing lower abdominal surgeries.
For more details, see "Binnen 48 uur van Nederland naar Syrie," De Telegraaf, June 30, 2014.
Uur hormones can govern where we store fat, explains Max Tomlinson, author of Target Your Fat Spots and co-founder of MaxHealth (max-tomlinson.com).
I was struggling with every Uur hormones can govern word." Angie became, what she calls a 'covert stammerer.'.