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UUTUnit Under Test
UUTUnuntrium (element 113)
UUTUtility User's Tax
UUTUpper Urinary Tract
UUTUnauthorised Unit Trust (UK)
UUTUpper Urothelial Tumor
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LUTS evaluation and management in MS patients is intended to identify those who are at risk for UUT deterioration and/or QOL impairment.
When using the physical sensor channels in an ADAS HiL test bench there are several advantages and drawbacks: One of the main benefits is that there is no need to modify the involved UuT for testing purposes at all.
Therefore, urinary alkalization as a chemical dissolution therapy should be considered after resolving the UUT obstruction.
The actors model provides a technique for specifying the components of a UUT and their interaction.
It's not just our village; there are Kahayan and Uut Danum descendants of Nyipet.
2]/K) UUT Unit under test WBT Wet bulb Temperature ([degrees]C) Subscripts a Air ave Average f Fin I Refrigerant side lm LMTD in Inlet m mean o Outer out Outlet r Refrigerant s Saturation w wall Greek Symbol [delta] Thickness of wall [[eta].
Experiments were centered not on UUT but on instruments.
Seen and not seen," Uut said, as complete a description as the spoken and unspoken of a writer's world.
Waer uut dat ghemeyn spreeckwoort coemt: De Brabander hoe ouder hoe sotter.
safety isolation between the AC grid input and UUT output;
2) Preoperative radiological diagnosis is difficult and UUT are often discovered after surgical or endoscopic removal.
3V, 5V, GND level or up to 30VDC wired from the UUT power source into the IA-2661-E Signal Selector when and if needed.